When relocating to a new area, there are many factors that home buyers need to consider in order to narrow down the geographic parameters of their home search. These include schools, amenities (such as parks and shopping), crime, space, parking, and of course, price. For those of us that have lived in Poway for a long time, we know that Poway checks off all the right boxes on this list, but to those who may not be as familiar with the area, we may need to break it down.


We all know that the Poway Unified School District is one of the best in the state (not to mention, the country). In fact, San Diego. But there is so much more to this amazing city we live in!


To anyone who has been to Lake Poway for a picnic or summer concert, hiked to Potato Chip Rock, taken their dog to the dog park, or taken their family for a ride on the train at Old Poway Park, we can easily say this place has it all. Add to that the great shopping areas, weekly farmers’ market, restaurants, and gyms, and you’ve got everything you need!


Poway was recently named one of the 50 safest small cities in the country (#1 in San Diego Country!) by Frontpoint Security.


With relatively large lots (compared to other areas with good schools), most Powegians enjoy not being able to see what their neighbor is watching on TV and have space for their children to play in the backyard.


Unlike downtown or towards the coast, parking is never a problem in Poway. Even in the busy Costco parking lot, you won’t have to drive around for 10 minutes to find a spot. When coming home, the generous driveways and sidewalks mean you will be able to park your car and have company over, too.


With a median price/sf of $398, Poway is only slightly higher than the median for the entire county of $368 (according to data from InfoSparks), and a bargain compared to the roughly $650 you would pay in other areas of the county with comparable schools.

For those of us that live here, we already know the value. But if you know someone who is looking to discover how great Poway is as well, please have them contact me. I would love to show them just what makes Poway so special!

schools ranking site Niche.com ranks PUSD as #14 in the state (#5 for athletics!), and #2 in San Diego County. This alone makes Poway one of the most desirable areas in

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